Orchard Block Management prides itself on delivery of the highest standards of service to its clients.

They want to know that we are using great tradespeople.

If you are a supplier of goods or services that you think might be relevant to our business and you would like to apply to be included on our register of approved suppliers please complete our online Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
The important bits are marked with an asterisk. The rest of the information is optional but the more info you provide the better we can assess how much work we can give you.

Everything you provide is held in the strictest of confidence. We don’t share your information with anyone. Ever.

For help filling in the form or reasons why we want the info just click on the boxes.

Contractor and Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
Customer References

Please tell us the name, address and phone number of two customers you have recently worked with.

If you tell us how much the job was worth and what the work was it helps us to decide what work we could give you in the future.
This looks scary but it isn't.

Please tell us if you have any of these documents in your business.
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